The Acclaimed Authorized Biography of Pistol Pete

"The definitive biography

of Pistol Pete Maravich."

“The essential biography

of Pete Maravich”

The New York Times

"This is a spectacular book. Outstanding research."

Bill Walton

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“Pistol Pete is a legend to all who understand the history of basketball.”  - Jason Kidd

“I learned all my tricks from Pete Maravich” - Kobe Bryant

From childhood “Pistol” Pete Maravich mesmerized fans and opponents alike with his audacious ball-handling and relentless scoring. Julius Erving calls him “a basketball genius.” The mop-topped, floppy-socked prodigy became a sports legend at LSU, averaging a staggering 44.2 points per game - the highest in NCAA history.  Then a brilliant pro career with the Hawks, Jazz, and Celtics led to enshrinement in the Basketball Hall of Fame and selection as one of the top 50 players in NBA history.

But there was a price. Maravich brought a child-like exuberance to the court that often masked a tortured and confused adult. His obsessive personality - he often referred to himself as a “basketball android” - and an inability to win a championship triggered despair and even thoughts of suicide. Eventually he found peace in Christianity and a quiet home life with his wife and sons.

Then, at age 40, Maravich died. The exact cause - a congenital heart defect - stunned both the sports and medical worlds. It was called a miracle that he survived his teens, let alone become a superstar athlete.

Now, after staying silent for two decades, Maravich’s widow, Jackie, has welcomed authors Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill into Pistol Pete's private world. She has shared her personal memories and provided unfettered access to the Maravich family archive of clippings, films, letters, calendars, diaries, and photographs.

The result is the definitive biography of Pete Maravich, In addition to countless hours spent with Jackie and her sons, Jaeson and Joshua, the authors also interviewed more than 300 teammates, opponents, journalists, coaches, detractors, fans, and extended family in order to craft the complete story of  a transcendent athlete whose revolutionary skills and showmanship thrilled everyone except himself.

Also included is a comprehensive appendix of Maravich statistics, plus Pistol Pete’s 25 Greatest Games.